Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gets Screen Multitasking Toolkit

As per the news listed on the top text of every paper, it has been read that XDA senior moderator as well as the developers has made a great announcement by adding All-in-One toolkit for variety of the Samsung devices. It has been sourced that all the variants of Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus and the newly released Galaxy Note 2 is added with the said format. This addition to this toolkit, a range of different features are also comes to the list, which will enable the users to operate the device with much perfection.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Starting from the internal memory capacity to the restoration of the packed data, everything has been duly added with. It also makes the compression of data files and save it properly in the recovery format on you gadget. The back ups that are stored will be kept safely in a zip file. Now the restoration and the back up at the same time partition can be done accordingly. You can store, pull, and push any files from phone to PC, where there remains the modified section in every section.

The process seems to be very genuine, which can be rolled up easily. Correct USB drive should be installed in the PC for Galaxy Note 2 then boot into the Android. Select the first option to install the toolkit and select the settings and open the device manager to correctly set it. Each option should be checked to gain the complete utility and procedure for installing the said multitasking toolkit.

After installing the toolkit, one should check that the phone is booted and plugged. To run the program kindly double click on the shortcut icon on the desktop and select the correct option.

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