Reaper A New Rpg Game Hexage Releases

As we are familiar with Hexage game developer, it is basically provides amazing game for smartphone like in Samsung Galaxy Note II that looks beautiful and easy to play. The developer has just introduced new one in the game series naming Reaper which is a Role playing Game or RPG. Earlier the android games landscape introduced by the game studio is Radiant, Robotek, and EVAC.

The Reaper game provides as in difference from previous one? On mobile device it operates smoothly moreover the RPG gives it extra-ordinary effect. It can perform functions by just using right & left controls. However, jump and attack can be controlled by a gesture area.

While moving forward in the game you need to collect gold coins and fight against the bad ones. Moreover the graphics give it totally outstanding look. For Hexage games as we know lighting effect is common on display but the character which is being used and the environment that has been set up is totally different from the previous title of the games.

With all the currently available title of the games at Hexage there are in-app purchases for which you can go for but the performance is not up to the mark. As games will be available in different parts on free of cost but to unlock the whole, it will cost around $2.99.

Other versions of the game that can be unlocked with free items and more content will cost for $3.99 and $4.99 which just resembles as we are purchasing Desktop games for collector’s edition. This game is free of cost so do have a look.

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